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My wife dreamt about getting married at Angela's property long before I even asked for her hand in marriage. We talked about a small intimate and picturesque wedding and Angela and Mike delivered that in every way imaginable. From the big picture aspects of the venue all the way down to the fine details, Angela helped and guided us in every way. The attention to detail was remarkable and the support my wife and I both received from Angela before we joined our lives in holy matrimony was personal and heartfelt. Our special day would have never turned out the way it did without Angela and I am forever grateful that she will be apart of our memories and lives forever.
The setup of the venue was breathtaking and comfortable. The property was meticulously groomed to perfection and everything was poised flawlessly. I could have never dreamt of a more perfect place to marry my best friend and soul mate. My sincerest thank you is not enough but all I can offer. Truly, from the bottom of my heart thank you Angela for everything."

Derek Trogden


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